Basic Necessities That One Should Have At Home

Moving into a new home? …Wow a dream come true for many… Whether it is your first house or an investment, every house should have basic essential things that you need. Don’t feel overwhelmed with the list, as without most of these items a home cannot function smoothly. There is no magic one-size-fits-all list, so you can definitely include more things that will add aesthetic appearances to your house.

Here is a list of some of the home prerequisites that every individual needs to have whether it is their own or renting a place or just an investment. 

Set-up Utilities: First and the most important thing before moving in or setting up the house is to have your utilities in place like electricity (tube lights/ bulbs, fans, AC), water, gas and/ or internet. I am sure you don’t want to end up haphazard. Usually the builders and developers like DEV DRASHTI GROUP offers basic public utilities like electricity and water along gas connection arrangements and washroom layout.

Safety and Security: Although initially it seems useless, but it is critical as there would be movers, handyman or neighbours coming in and out. So it is always safe to have a double lock for the house and a small safe to keep your valuables along with flashlights, matches and candles.

Home Care and Bathroom Basics: A day-to-day special care for conserving dignity and upholding a good quality of life. One can have a multipurpose microfiber mop that cleans both wet and dry matter or choose a manual solution of broom, dustpan and mop. Other essential products like trash bags, box cutter, screwdriver, hammer, nail, duct tape, rags, step stool, dish soaps & sponges, napkins, stove cleaner, laundry detergent, air fresheners, ironing & ironing board/ table and also shoe rack alongside welcome mat at the entryway.

Clean houses make you comfortable and also brighten the house increasing the positive aura. Bathroom basics like heater, hanging rings, hand soap, shampoos, creams, tooth brush holder, toilet paper, toilet brush, bath mats, tissues, towels and hanging hooks.

Kitchen Necessities: Kitchen the most crucial and active part of the house. Initially of course you can order online but craving for home cooked food, then you need to have these tools handy. Cooking gas, gas pipe/ cylinder, aqua guard (maybe), fridge, washing machine, pots, pans, plates, stainless steel mixing bowl spoons, knives, glasses, tea / coffee mug, utensil holder, pressure cooker and blender.

Living Room and Bedroom: You may need some furniture later on if not eventually like sofa, dining table & chairs, TV Stand and / or carpet for appealing homes and shelf organisers. After a long tired day you would need these Bedroom accessories to sleep peacefully; mattress, bed frame (may be not immediately), pillow, sheet sets, curtains (possibly) and mirror.

Organisers: Storage is one of the key difficulties that any home faces frequently. Few of the things are not urgent in the list to purchase but should be obtained, so as to keep the house clutter-free. A smart storage solution will not only organise the things appropriately but also make the cleaning task easy. You can create small cupboards for storing home care and kitchen necessities and as for the bedroom you should have furniture’s like dresser, under bed storage, hangers, door hooks and drawer arrangers.

Well it is a long list for sure, but you can always opt-in for furnished ready to move homes; where the builders and developers customise it according to the requirements of the customers.

You can check the Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Décor that can make your home elegant and at the same time giving a personal touch. Being Creative!

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